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Products Grosso

Stainless Steel

The company started its activities September 1st. 1984. Early work consisted on stainless steel polishing and welding. Later with milking accessories and complete milking equipment.

Other Work

Dairy products production equipment. Large capacity quemical storage tanks, agricultural aviation spraying equipment.


5 years later we started with tanks manufacturing for any kind of fluids or fuel. We grew and the second decade in business started the technology improvement and growth like infrastructure and manufacturing facilities size.

Support Center

fuel tanks

Our Vision

"Our manufacturing facilities cover 29000 sq feet 2200 under one roof, with more than 30 state of the art machines."



, Managing partner

Our History

Today the company has a large number of skilled workers and is also conducive say it has a distinctly his own administration by managing partner and spouse Walter Grosso Marisa Moro, avoiding bureaucracy and mismanagement of capital.