Fire Trailer- Foam Prevents Combine and Equipment Fires

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A new concept in prevention and fire fighting.

In Argentina they are recorded annually over 100 fires in harvesting, producing serious damage directly or total destruction of the machine.

Much of the threshing of the wheat and soybean is carried out in times of high tempraraturas and low relative humidity, creating a very conducive environment for a fire, which is usually generated by the overheating of the various mechanical components combine in contact Borba and other debris that accumulate inside it.

This is CAN AVOID creating awareness of prevention, counting his time with proper fire fighting equipment.

GROSSO AGRO are a variant of the GROSSO AVIATION, teams that have been designed according to the estrioctas international standards of civil aviation in making response times, discharge rate and capacity of extinction.

The performance achieved prevents the spread of fire outbreak neutralizing it in seconds by a violent response.

The funcionameinto equipment is based on a single generation system AFFF by compressed gas expansion in a premix tank.

This mechanical action generates 10 times the volume of water in foam, which acts on the area affected by the fire forming a layer that extinguished by smothering, thus avoiding the risk of reigniting it by the surface cooling effect.

Simple operation, small size and very low maintenance costs make the GROSSO AGRO 60 A podedora tool for protecting your combine. It does not require annual review and is recharged by the user acquired in any trade with the industry at very low cost inputs.

This allows to keep staff properly trained through annual exercises, we recommend perform them before each campaign.

The AFFF foam is non-corrosive, therefore quiet can download on your machine that will not cause any harm to its components; It does not affect the environment to be biodegradable; and is not toxic to humans or animals.

Consults by Fire Trailer- Foam Prevents Combine and Equipment Fires

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