The Company

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The company started its activities on 1 September 1984. The first works were polished and stainless steel welding.

He quickly began with the manufacture of accessories for milking machines in stainless steel. Then complete milking equipment parts were annexed.

Over the years he began manufacturing tools for making cheese and other products.


After 4 or 5 years it began with making kids tanks for any type of fluid or fuel.

Thus it grew, reaching the first ten years to have a staff of approximately 5 to 8 employees.

In the second decade of this company began to grow both technologically and in physical infrastructure and capacity, all accompanied by a growth of permanent staff on the ground.

I also came to manufacture large-sized structures including new items, such as chemicals, agricultural chemicals, equipment and air transport of any liquid product with extensive experience in handling fuel.


Today the company has a significant amount of specialized more clearly his own administration by managing partner and spouse Walter Grosso Marisa Moro workers.

The industrial plant facilities cover 29000 sq feet 2200 under one roof, with more than 30 machines equipped with latest technology.

Today Walter Grosso produces stainless steel tanks of excellent quality and finish, coming with them not only to the whole territory of Argentina, but also exported to the whole Mercosur.